Learn More About The Benefits of Buying Manufacturer Direct Solar Panels

Content posted: Jun 13, 2019

If you’ve decided to invest in solar panels, this is great news. As you found out during the research stage, you’ll enjoy a reduction in utility bills, you aren’t so reliant upon energy companies for electricity, and you also help the environment in the constant battle against the use of imported fossil fuels.

As the next step, you need to choose a reliable service to provide your solar panels. Today, we want to talk about the value of going directly to a manufacturer. Normally, people buy solar panels through a company that sells them on behalf of the manufacturer. However, there are now options to work with the manufacturer directly and a prime example would be the brilliant team at SunPower.

Customized Product

Firstly, if we use SunPower as an example, they do absolutely everything. As well as the final manufacturing stage, they design and engineer solar systems too. Since you’re in direct contact with the people who are going to design and manufacture the product for your home, it can be tailored to your needs; this simply isn’t an option when you go through a third party.

Direct Communication

Have you ever been left frustrated when you try to contact a company? Well, imagine the nightmare when you’re contacting one company who are, in turn, acting on behalf of another. When the seller doesn’t fully understand the product or gets details wrong, this can lead to all sorts of problems.

sun power solar in AZKnowledgeable Team

Sticking with the theme of communication, buying solar panels directly from the manufacturer means you’ll always be in contact with people who know about the product. They spend every day dealing with their own panels, they don’t have to worry about hundreds of products from dozens of brands. If ever you have questions or concerns, the customer service team should have the answers you need.

Warranty and Repairs

Another reason why you should consider working with a solar panel manufacturer directly is that you’ll have direct contact information if something happens to go wrong. They’ll listen, consider the problem, and take appropriate action. When you buy panels indirectly, the whole situation can get rather messy. You’re left wondering who the warranty is actually with, who is responsible for repairs, and whether they’re going to be informed enough to work on your panels. Using SunPower as an example once again, all customers get a 25-year complete system warranty and you’re unlikely to find anything similar in the market. While other companies only cover the panels, SunPower covers everything all under one umbrella. If replacement parts or repairs are required, all costs are covered; you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Lower Price

Finally, you may also enjoy a lower cost because you’re cutting out the middleman. When solar panels are sold by a third party, they normally need to make a small profit themselves which leads to higher prices. When dealing with the manufacturer, you pay the price they want to set. For better communication, a customized product, stronger warranty, knowledgeable customer service, lower price, and opportunity to have problems fixed with no fuss, we highly recommend going to a manufacturer directly. With SunPower, everything is handled directly including design, engineering, manufacturing, mounting, rebate processing, permitting, and even maintenance and repair!