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Watch Greg from Phoenix Green Team on Fox 10 discussing the new Solar Leasing Option for No Money Down

Content Published: April 3, 2018

Welcome To The Phoenix Green Team- Solar Experts from Greg Field | Solar Realtor AZ on Vimeo.

Solar Leasing for zero Down!

Solar electricity creates clean, renewable energy. It’s safe, easy to use and enhances the value of your home. Solar electricity leasing options feature ZERO money down and lower your monthly electric bills without having to deal with tax credits.

  1. Go Solar with Zero Down!
  2. Stop Paying High Electric Bills
  3. Save Money from Day One
  4. Avoid Rising Energy Costs
  5. Be Energy Independent with Solar Power
  6. Cleanest, Safest Source of Energy
  7. 20 Year Warranty On ALL Equipment
  8. 20 Year System Insurance & Monitoring

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Solar Leasing in Phoenix

Phoenix Green Team has provided information to help answer questions about solar leasing in Phoenix, Arizona. Please click on the links below to view videos and information.

  1. How do you qualify for solar leasing?
  2. What are the pros and cons of solar leasing?
  3. What kind of maintenance is required for solar leasing?
  4. What are the steps for solar leasing?

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