Solar Water Heater Systems Installed
in One Day, Residential & Commercial

We are a team of energy consultants, completely independent from
manufacturers and installers so we are able to represent you in finding
the best solar water heater systems to fit your needs within your budget while providing
the quickest return on investment. Contact us today about solar water heater cost.

We work with Arizona’s premier solar hot water Specialist:

  • Pacific West Solar is one of the world’s leading providers of solar energy technology, offering low-maintenance, fully integrated high-performance solar hot water systems engineered for efficiency and long life.
  • Pacific West Solar is manufactured in the US
  • Pacific West Solar manufactures industry-standard solar water heating collectors and systems for residential and commercial applications,

Day 2: Complete System Check, Roof Exam

  1. Before having a solar hot water heater installed, make sure the work is done by a professional roofing company with a roofing license
  2. We only use Licensed Installers for all aspects of solar installations
  3. Be aware: city inspectors don’t check roof penetrations/leaks, only electrical
  4. We offer a 10 Year Manufacturer & Labor Warranty



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