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sun power solar panels phoenix azSolar energy not only can reduce or eliminate your energy costs, but it can also actually generate enough energy to sell back to the power grid through the utilities. Solar electric panels create renewable energy, they’re safe, easy to use and enhance the value of your home. Other benefits of solar photovoltaic systems include:

1. Utility Buys Excess Power To Help Cover Cost of Monthly Bill.
2. Lower Monthly Electric Bills, Long-Term Protection from Utility Rate Hikes
3. Arizona State Tax Credits & Federal Tax Credits Lower Initial Costs
4. Long Life Span (35-40 Years), Low Operational & Maintenance Costs
5. Cleanest, Safest & Quietest Source of Energy

Zero Down Solar Leasing Options!

Solar electricity leasing options feature zero down and less per month than your current monthly electric bill without having to deal with tax credits:

  1. Zero Down for Solar Electricity!
  2. 20 Year Performance Guarantee, Insurance & Monitoring
  3. Lower Monthly Utility Bills

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Purchase Solar!

solar installation phoenix azDid you know that purchasing Solar for your home will not only save you money on your electric bill, buying solar panels for your home will also increase the value of the property? Owning your own solar panels puts you in control of your energy and decreases your reliance on the utility companies.

Get A Loan For Your Solar System:

Let us help you get your home qualified for a solar loan. We work with the biggest solar lenders in the country and have facilitated solar loans for hundreds of Arizona homeowners. We make the application process simple and efficient so that homeowners get qualified, get solar, and start saving money immediately.

Choose Us – We Make Solar Electricity Easy

  1. We discuss your electric needs, review your electric usage history, perform a complete site evaluation and prepare a fully detailed quote.
  2. We apply for and obtain all City/County Permits and Utility Reservations.
  3. Our expertly trained, Licensed Solar Installers will typically complete your solar electric system installation in 3 days.
  4. We schedule the City/County and Utility Inspections.
  5. We provide tax credit forms.
  6. We provide a 25 Year Manufacturer Labor, Materials & Workmanship Warranty.


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