SRP Rebates & Energy Incentives

Home Performance with Energy Star: A whole-house approach to finding energy-efficient solutions that will improve comfort and savings. Although we are not affiliated with SRP, we will help you make the most of the incentives available to you through SRP rebates. Listed below are some examples, please check the SRP website for the most current incentives:

  1. $99 Energy Audit: A contractor will identify improvements that can increase your indoor comfort and decrease energy costs for only $99 (a $500 value). You will also receive an energy-efficiency kit that contains: 10 CFL’s, 3 aerators, and one low flow shower head. More on energy audits…
  2. Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps: up to $400 on qualified systems
  3. Duct Sealing: SRP duct sealing rebates offer up to $175 of the cost of qualified duct repairs
  4. Air Sealing: energy rebates up to $250 of the cost to seal air leaks
  5. Insulation: energy rebates up to $250 of the cost to seal air leaks
  6. Shade Screens: save up to $250 ($0.80 per installed square foot)

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If you are looking for APS rebates you can visit our APS Rebates page. Visit solar leasing companies to learn more about our solar program.

Content Published: April 3, 2018