Solar Home Sales in Phoenix AZ

Content Published: April 3, 2018

Solar Homes Can Sell For More Money Than Traditional Homes

solar electric system has a unique, measurable benefit: electricity that powers the home. A solar electric system can significantly reduce the cost of ownership and these saved costs should be valued with the home. In addition, rising utility rates mean that savings, or avoided costs, will increase in the future. Recent studies show that a PV solar system increases the property value by a substantial amount, often allowing homeowners to recover 100% of the original cost.

Solar Homes Can Sell Faster Than Traditional Homes

Currently, solar homes average 78 days on the market, while the average days
on the market for typical resale homes in Maricopa County is 67 days. Homes with a solar lease sell in about 62 days compared to solar-owned homes that typically sell within 107 days.

Selling Your Solar Home In Arizona

Solar leases are an effective way to distinguish your home from the other properties for sale in your neighborhood. The right marketing and promotion of a home for sale with a solar lease can allow you to sell your home quicker, with little to no hassle, and potentially sell for more than typical homes without solar in the area.

Be prepared to transfer your solar lease. Our solar home specialist can help you contact the solar leasing company and be ready for the steps involved in transferring your solar lease. You will need to have copies of your lease agreements and we can help prepare additional solar disclosures and solar addenda to protect your interests in contract negotiations.

Greg is a Solar Home Specialist in Arizona with over 9 Years in Solar

Greg Field has been selling solar systems for almost 9 years now in Arizona. He brings a unique experience to being a Solar Realtor®. He’s also an expert at energy efficiencyattic retrofitssolar hot water, and making sure you get the best value for reselling your solar or energy efficient home.

He’s the only licensed Realtor® and solar home specialist in the valley that has practical real-world experience. He has worked on over a thousand homes in Arizona, making them energy efficient and using solar to power the home completely. He understands solar benefits
and knows how to market a home with solar properly, mitigate potential transfer hurdles by initiating the process early, illustrate the cost savings of the home against the existing inventory of homes for sale as well as the showing potential buyers the short-term and long-term return from solar. Give him a call today!

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